On the recommendation of Paul H. Appleby, the then Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru established the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) on March 29, 1954 with its HQ at IP Estate, Ring Road, New Delhi- 110 002 under the supervision of Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India. Its main aim is to equip the public servants with knowledge, skills and behaviour required for managing the tasks of governance through researches, orientation/training/awareness programmes and publication of high order. Bihar Regional Branch of IIPA, commenced in the year 1960, is one of the 24 regional branches in India as part of the apex body of IIPA with an objective to undertake activities in furtherance of discipline of Public Administration and governance in their respective territories. Bihar Branch undertakes five fold activities namely a)Sem/Web/Conf/Workshop etc b) Research and Evaluation Studies c) Publication of Books/Journals etc. d) Training/orientation/awareness etc. and e) Collaboration with educational institutions/Govt. Agencies/NGOs etc. The Branch has been awarded as Best Performing Branch for the year 2020-2021


The Branch consists of all the Life members of IIPA falling in the territory of Bihar State also known as General Body of the IIPA Bihar Regional Branch. The Branch has its bye-laws made in congruence with the Memorandum of Association of Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi and approved by the apex body of IIPA. It consists of persons belonging to various walks of life like teachers/researchers, bureaucrats, advocates, litterateur and social workers who have contributed substantially to the field of Public Administration, either through academics or practice. The Branch has five pronged activities namely organising seminar/conference/lectures/talks etc., conducting research and evaluation studies, training, publications and library service. Besides, it organises essay competition for UG and PG students on burning topics.The Branch has been ranked third among best performing Branches of India behind Pudducherry Local Branch and J & K Regional Branch for the period of last three years (2017 to 2019).

Executive Council

The General Body of the Branch elects an Executive Council from amongst them consisting of Chairman, Four Vice-Chairmen, Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Treasurer and four Executive members. Following is the constitution of present (since October, 2020) Executive Council of the Branch:-

Chairman: Sri Vijoy Prakash, IAS (1980 batch), presently Chairman, Bihar Vidyapith, Patna 80010 e-mail:, Mob. No. 7004266500

Vice Chairman: Dr. Saroj Kumar Verma, former Professor & Head, Dept of Political and Dean of Social Sciences, J P University, Chapra e-mail: Mob: 7004358535

Vice Chairman: Professor Jitendra Narayan, Dean, Social Sciences, LNMU, Darbhanga e-mail: narayan.jitendra007@gmail.com Mob. No. 9431012332

Vice Chairman: Dr Nihora Pd Yadav e-mail:nihora2222@rediffmail.com, Mob. No.9431020986

Vice Chairman: Dr Binod Kumar Jha, Professor of Political Science, A N College, Patna e-mail:, Mob. No.9709738747

Hony. Secretary: Dr Ravindra Kr Vermae-mail: rkverma395@gmail.com, 9473431548

Joint Secretary: Dr Rajesh Kumar, e-mail: rajeshgunjan1@gmail.com,8757151051

Joint Secretary: Dr Dilip Kumar, Dept of Pol. Sc., JLN College, Danapur

Treasurer: Dr Archana Kumari e-mail: archanakumari36@yahoo.com

Members 1.Sri Anand Vardhan Sinha, IAS (retd.), Former Chairman, Board of Revenue, Bihar 2. Dr.Nishant Kumar 3. Sri Abdul Hamid 3. Dr Henna Tabassum 4.Dr Kavita Kumari, Taxshila Teachers Training College, Patna

Invitee Members

Dr K H Siddiqui